Skinner: Icon’s Induction

The words of proudly obsessed fan Dave Skinner on the Hunter’s induction into the ARIA Icons Hall of Fame.

Author: David Skinner

Date: 16 July 2005


Article Text

Thursday night was undoubtedly one of the highlights of my life. To see Hunters & Collectors play just once more, and for their long deserved and overdue induction into ARIA’s Hall of Fame to be complete, well, it was just magic. I had the pleasure of talking with everyone from the band, getting photos taken with them all and discussing old times and the possibilities for the future. Mark commented while onstage that “If anyone else asks me if the band’s getting back together, I’m telling them to go see the drummer!”. Well, I did speak to Doug later on (amongst everyone else)… Ultimately, it would have to be a financial thing, and to me, if no promoter can see that H&C would sell at least two nights out at the likes of Sydney’s Hordern Pavillion or similar sized halls in major cities, well… It makes more sense than attempting to do 20 RSL clubs each city. Anyway, it’s a possibility, but at this stage, an unlikely one.

The band played Say Goodbye and TYAAM like they had never been apart. It was so cohesive and perfect, that the past seven years, three months and twenty one days blurred into oblivion, and I believe there’s no better way to put it. Peter Garrett’s induction speech could not have been more truthful and justified. When the show airs on VH1 and FOX8, you’ll see what I mean.

For me, (and I no longer argue the point – I AM H&C’s Biggest fan), the ticket price was worth every penny. To see all the boys play again, to speak to them all, for them all to remember me, and for Barry Palmer to tell me (after the initial shock of seeing me) that he knew better than to underestimate me getting in to the event, well, to quote Bruce McAvaney, it was just special.

Long live Hunters & Collectors.

Dave Skinner