The Jaws of Life (Mushroom Press Release)

Official Mushroom Records press release for The Jaws of Life album.

Author: Festival Mushroom / White Label Records.

Date: 1984.

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Article Text

Title – Hunters & Collectors – Jaws of Life
Information – Press Release
Author – Mark Seymour
Date – 1984

After the departure of Greg Perano and Martin Lubran, the remaining members of Hunters and Collectors, still believing they had something valuable to offer the Australian music scene, decided to regroup and compose a new set of songs for the “Jaws of Life” album.

The new material is more closely concerned with personal experience, it has a lot to do with “Soul” with a heavy emphasis on voices and big brass melodies. Hunters and Collectors are far more aware of emotion than they ever where before. The new songs reflect the importance of making contact with people by concentrating on those special moods and feelings that everybody understands. Their music will continue to grow because it is focused on simplicity and faith – “Soul Power”…..

– Mark Seymour.

GEOFF CROSBY – keyboards, effects
DOUG FALCONER – drums, percussion
JACK HOWARD – trumpet, backing vocals
ROB MILES – mixer
MARK SEYMOUR – vocals, guitar, lyrics
JEREMY SMITH – french horn

Recorded at Can’s Studio with Renee Tinner, West Germany.
Mixed at Conny’s Studio by Conny Plank, West Germany
Digitally mastered using Sony F1
Recorded 10.3.84 – 10.4.84

Thru Festival
White Label Records



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