Throw Your Arms Around Me 1984 Promotion

Promotional blurb for the original 1984 version of Throw Your Arms Around Me.

Author: White Label Records.

Date: November 1984.

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“Throw Your Arms Around Me” must surely be the dubbed the most emotive Hunters & Collectors song to date.

Mark Seymour, lead vocalist and composer, openly gives to music of himself – what we hear is what he felt.

It is also undoubtedly nearest to the commercial edge of their work. A love ballad of seemingly simple proportions but beholden with so much lyrical warmth and musical depth that it lingers on an on in the memory…. maybe a song for time in everyone’s life.

The recording importance of “Throw Your Arms Around Me” is singled out by the fact that it was recorded on a digital two track, produced by Hunters & Collectors. Producing as a collective has always been their aim and services to enhance their unity as a band.

It was recorded in Melbourne’s Hardware Street, in a small factory with carpeted walls and heaps of atmosphere.

The B side, “Unbeliever”, was recorded at Melbourne’s Venue along with the video footage. It is a track full of fire and soul.

The current album, “Jaws Of Life”, was released in Europe on September 3rd through Epic Records and in Japan on November 1st through CBS.

In the U.S. the album was released on October 17th. For the U.S. Hunters & Collectors are signed to the prestigious Slash Label and are the first non American band to be added to their ranks.

Next year will see the band touring in these territories.

Hunters & Collectors have just resigned to White Label for Australia and New Zealand.

The first fruit from this agreement will be a live album to be released in January ’85. It will be realistically priced at $9.99 and will compliment the long play video, which will incorporate both live and concept footage.

From the live video three tracks are currently being aired on Australian television. They are “The Slab”, “Carry Me” and “Throw Your Arms Around Me”. “The Slab” incorporates a part of the original concept clip and has great humour in it. The atmosphere of the performance has been immaculately captured in this film by three of Australia’s best known film makers – Andrew de Groot, Ray Argall and Macgregor Knox.

In the U.S. “The Slab” has been added to the 24 hour MTV Network – a considerable achievement considering the massive amount of submitted, and consequently rejected, material.



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