The Newspaper Human Frailty Review

Brief positive Human Frailty review from Canada.

Author: Paul Mergler, The Newspaper (University of Toronto).

Date: 1 October 1986.

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The release of their fourth album makes it apparent that Hunters & Collectors are not going to drastically alter their music in spite of the fact that their band members admit their desire to be “popular worldwide”.

The group, a 7-piece outfit from Australia, still produces much the same raw, elemental music as before. As with previous H&C releases, the music’s power lies in the heavy bass-drum sound and the intense, though sporadic coating of horns and guitars. Although the production on Human Frailty is more “mainstream”, the physical and emotional impact of the music remains intact.

The best cuts on the album respond to society’s self-absorbed and seemingly self-destructive course, both personally and collectively. Witness, “And there be no release from this anguish/For this slapstick generation/And there by no peace for all the kiddies/’Cause they’re too satisfied to car…”, from Relief.

H&C have created an album of power and passion – do attempt to get your hands on it.