LA Leader Human Frailty Review

Brief positive review of the Human Frailty album.

Author: Conrad Heiney, LA Reader.

Date: 10 October 1986.

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Live, this Australian band is reputed to pack a mean punch; I haven’t seen them myself, but on the strength of their studio material, which is raw and rhythmic, I would bet that you can expect some fireworks during their set this week at the Roxy (Saturday & Sunday) and the Coach House (Thursday). Since 1980, Hunters & Collectors has been pounding out serious rhythms – from their beginnings in industrial percussion, to the more melodic strains of their latest LP on I.R.S, Human Frailty. Their latest lineup still includes horns and keyboards; the bass lines are as heavy as ever, but the songs have increased in sophistication, both melodically and lyrically. “Throw Your Arms Around me” could be a radio hit weren’t it for the incessant tribal rhythm behind the catchy chorus; maybe if we’re lucky, it will succeed anyway. In any case, the Hunters are sure to be loud and raw in their live sets this week.



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