Cornerstone Collection – Human Frailty

Human Frailty listing as one of 105 essential albums.

Author: The Cornerstone Collection (JB Hi-Fi Stack Magazine).

Date: August 2012.

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Hunters and Collectors often pulled off the near impossible. After a disastrous European tour, they rallied, producing a perfect set of songs echoing earlier Euro art/funk fock influences, suffused with Mark Seymour’s raw lyrics. Only H&C got beer barns of blokes shouting ‘you don’t make me feel/like I’m a woman anymore!’ But it’s more complex: if the anthemic simplicity of Throw Your Arms Around Me and Everything’s On Fire was seductive, the balance of Seymour’s (crucial) narrative voice and the band’s cavernous bottom end nailed it.

Can – Landed
Mark Seymour – Westgate