RAM Is There Anybody In There? Review

Brief release review for the “Is There Anybody In There?” single.

Author: Craig N. Pearce, RAM.

Date: 3 December 1986.

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As the Hunters’ new song came angrily through the speakers I thought perhaps it was a grungy AC/DC come home to boogie. And I was right! Mark and the boys beat out a sledgehammer of a rift and stick those peculiarly absentminded horns of theirs behind it. The 7-inch is better than the 12, where the tune is a bit gayer and not so terrifyingly brutal…

In front of a doomladen sequencer of not unattractive propositions float winsome vocals pleasing togetherness and misfortune. The Big Supreme have a happy knack of combining deadpan pop with uplifting motions of melody and the results are surprisingly pleasing. Check it out.