Calgary Sun Living Daylight Review

Canadian review of the Living Daylight EP.

Author: Calgary Sun.

Date: 10 May 1987.

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Article Text

Living Daylight affirms Hunters and Collectors position as one of the best bands in rock music today.

The musical intensity evident on this five-track EP could draw blood from vinyl. As Mark Seymour spits at one point: “You think I’m sweating like this just for fun!”

The three new tracks de-emphasize the horn section, allowing the group to showcase its momentous rhythm section and Seymour’s passionate lyrics, probing the current state of the human condition.

Two older cuts, The Slab and Carry Me, have been remixed without losing any of their ferocity.

Hunters and Collectors’ music is not merely entertainment – it’s a superbly emotional experience.

(Four Stars)



Thankyou to Roger Brown for typing out this article.