Dolly What’s A Few Men? Review

Positive review of What’s A Few Men? for the ‘youth’ market.

Author: Dolly Magazine (?).

Date: ~December 1987.

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An interesting question. Just what are a few men??? If those few men are Hunters and Collectors then what they are is one of the most exciting and coolest recording and performing groups to appear in Australia in the last decade. OK!!! As any fool knows the last Hunters platter, Human Frailty, was unbelievably fabboooo, but let me tell you, the new one is 10 (count ’em) times better. What’s A Few Men? Is one of the great Australian rock ‘n’ roll records. Truly fabulous songs, awesome playing and one of the most emotive sets of vocal chords in the country. Gee whiz, you get Midnight Oil’s Diesel and Dust, The Go Between’s Tallulah, Paul Kelly and Coloured Girls’ Under the Sun, and a host of other magnificent Australian albums all in the space of a couple of months… who needs records from overseas artists???

5 stars