The Age Juggernaut Review

Positive review of the Juggernaut album.

Author: Shaun Carney, Green Recordings Guide, The Age.

Date: 22 January 1998.

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In their final moments, Hunters and Collectors have embraced the humour and serenity that seemed to elude them for much of their career. The cover of the band’s last album, Juggernaut, features a clapped out tricycle equipped with an equally clapped out rocket – a neat piece of irony (some juggernaut!). The music is equally uncharacteristic, often slipping into easy grooves (Higher Plane), flirting with psychedelic pop (Wasted in the Sun, Titanic) and leavening the trademark Hunters bombast with a sense of irony and resignation.

Fittingly Juggernaut closes with two farewell songs. The first, Those Days Are Gone, laments the fact that while “the radio still plays your song”, “it blows your mind how a star can go out overnight”. The second, the moody ballad Long Way To The Water, is more upbeat: “Oh, we can’t go back and we can’t stand still / So we’re leaving this world behind”. Without doubt, it’s a better world for having known the Hunters and Juggernaut provides more evidence of that, if it were needed.



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