Stuff One Eyed Man Review

Stuff this “One Eyed Man” review from “Stuff”.

Author: Keith Nunes.

Date: March 2001.

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At least when he was with Hunters and Collectors there was the odd tune that had substance and impetus.

This crock is full of pathetically self-conscious dribble such as: This song is for catching the blood you shed, for there’s no escaping the quick and the dead; or People smile I’ve been told, they live and die and lust for gold.

Except for the rare glimpse of mature and sturdy songwriting, the 12 tracks are child-like – appearing to be cobbled together on scraps of paper and jotted down when Seymour was 14 and unable to produce a coherent and sophisticated thought.

And what does it sound like? That’s another oddity. Although there are moments when he sounds like Mark Seymour, mostly he involuntarily sounds like a B-grade Neil Finn and Crowded House.


1 (out of five)



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