Herald Sun One Eyed Man Review

Fairly positive “One Eyed Man” review from the Herald Sun newspaper.

Author: Scott Podmore.

Date: 11 March 2001.

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Article Text

STILL better known as former lead singer of rockers Hunters and Collectors, Mark Seymour takes the next step to carving a successful solo career with this, his second album.

His first, King Without a Clue, was reasonably smooth, but suffered what Seymour refers to as a “Hunters’ hangover”.

Here there are big, brooding rock songs with an emphasis on mood, power and melancholy. But noticeably different is a more mellow and tidier acoustic approach – less of the trademark Hunters’ crash, boom and yell-it-out-loud – while the rough edges surrounding his vocals have been delicately sanded.

The songs on One Eyed Man serve up a wonderful array of mid-paced balladry and pop/rock.

Album opener and first single Don’t You Know Me? cruises along beautifully with tapping electric piano, grooving bass and lovely acoustic guitar complemented by Seymour’s intense singing style.

Seymour is at home with delicate, acoustic guitar-driven ballads such as the title track, Ready To Go and See You Around, while Blue Morning would not be out of place on commercial radio.

Overall, Seymour has his own sound, but there are shades of Hunters and Crowded House.