West Australian One Eyed Man Review

West Australian “One Eyed Man” Review. Fairly positive.

Author: RP.

Date: 9th April 2001.

Original URL: http://today.thewest.com.au/20010409/ music/cds/td-mus-cds-home-sto100.html


Article Text

The second solo album from former Hunters & Collectors lead singer Mark Seymour is a smooth, radio-friendly affair that should go a long way to giving his solo career the boost it deserves. The opening tracks Don’t You Know Me? and Blue Morning (also Long Way Down) will have you checking that you haven’t slipped a Crowded House CD into the player by mistake. The soar-away melodies and vocals are a dead-ringer for Neil Finn, which say a lot for Seymour’s abundant singing and songwriting talents. But a little of the H&C grit and intensity wouldn’t have gone amiss, even if it’s just for the old die-hard fans who miss seeing Seymour in his blue labourer’s singlet belting out songs in a crowded pub. Keep listening at the end of track 12 for an uncredited version of Throw Your Arms Around Me. (RP)