Daily Telegraph One Eyed Man Review

Average Daily Telegraph “One Eyed Man” review.

Author: Neala Johnson.

Date: 19 April 2001.

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MARK Seymour’s star may not shine as brightly as it did in the halcyon pub-rockin’ days of Hunters and Collectors, but he still has the ability to deliver a blinding song.

As ever, Seymour’s writing is inspired by the injustices and absurdities of Australian life.

But while the years haven’t dulled his observational skills, Seymour now delivers his bombshells over more subdued musical backings.

The most beautiful song is the title track, written about the time Seymour was bashed. In contrast, Supagirl was written about Kylie Minogue.

The question remaining is: have Seymour’s fans grown as much as he has?

One Eyed Man , (Mark Seymour)
Rating: * * *