Time Off One Eyed Man Review

Fairly positive review of “One Eyed Man” from free Queensland music magazine “Time Off”.

Author: Matt Connors.

Date: March 21st 2001.

Original URL: http://www.timeoff.com.au/cdarchive.htm


Article Text

Seymour’s second solo album is everything you’ve come to expect: its a solid set of songs that’s sure to raise a smile with fans of his erstwhile band.

Seymour’s phrasing has always been a potent trait and his delivery has lost none of its impact, especially on Supagirl, On My Way Home and the gorgeous string-backed number, The Ballad Of The One Eyed Man. Vocally, he’s never sounded better.

Ready To Go sounds a little earnest on first listen but its sentiment soon rings true. That said, Lost In Your Illusion with its funky undercurrent doesn’t climb to a chorus to match. Strange Little Town also sounds a little well, spineless.

There’s others that do resonate. Always A Fool (For A Pretty Face) mixes some unusual tempos and 70s production values in a new direction for Seymour, while Sad Songs is the best song Hunna’s never released.

If nothing else, One Eyed Man should keep Seymour in tight Tees for a few years to come.

3 1/2 stars