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Very supportive “One Eyed Man” review.

Author: Stuart McPhee.

Date: March 2001.

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5 stars out of 5

By Stuart McPhee

On Mark Seymour’s brilliant but overlooked debut album, he gave listeners a glimpse of what the Hunters & Collectors front man would sound like on his own. The result: something along the lines of what good friend Neil Finn was doing.

Now that the legendary band has given it away, Mark has had time to settle down and record the even better follow up, One Eyed Man.

Collaborating with such diverse artists as Tim Henwood (Superjesus), David Bridie, Mark Lizotte (Diesel) and producer Daniel Denholm (Powderfinger), Mark has put together a fantastic set of charming melodies and heartfelt lyrics. Opener ‘Don’t You Know Me?’ is easily one of the most addictive songs on radio at the moment. Whilst the song is about two lovers, you can’t help thinking that Mark is pleading to the audience to recognize who he is.

‘The Ballad of the One Eyed Man’ meanwhile has no hidden meaning. With the help of a string quartet, the track is probably his most simple yet strongest song he has written so far. Old Hunters alumni, Jack Howard and Barry Palmer, help out on ‘Always a fool (for a pretty face)’ leaving listeners to think what a new album from the group would ever sound like?

Other tracks worth mentioning are the more rocking tracks of ‘Long Way Down’ and ‘Sad Songs’, proving that Mark can shift from acoustic to electric with the greatest of ease.