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Some positive comments on Mark Seymour and Embedded.

Author: Michael Dwyer, Fairfax f2, City Search Sydney.

Date: April 2004.

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(Thumbs Up) Our pick

Third solo studio album for Australian rock’s great arm thrower.

Life has assumed a mellower hue for Mark Seymour, judging from early impressions of his third album, Embedded. The first single, 43 in the Shade, makes light of his maturing years and, instead of his chiselled jaw and furrowed brow, the cover opts for a pair of cartoon underpants on a Hill’s Hoist.

Seymour’s solo career began in the shadow of Hunters and Collectors with King Without A Clue in ’97. He followed with the quirkier, more upbeat One-Eyed Man in ’01, and updated that with a wiry live CD, Ballad of the One-Eyed Man: Live at the Basement. Several songs from Embedded were previewed on the accompanying DVD.

As far as his style matures and develops, Seymour’s legacy is too great to leave the likes of Holy Grail and Throw Your Arms Around Me far behind. He joined Pearl Jam on stage to sing the latter in Perth last year. Ask nicely and he’ll do it again.