The Mercury Embedded Review

An positive review of “Embedded” from Tasmania.

Author: Jarred Bevan.

Date: April 2004.

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Seymour is best known for his work in Australia’s most successful pub-rock outfit, Hunters and Collectors. Despite the shadow of his former band, he has managed to forge a niche as a solo performer.

Embedded is his third solo outing, and the best to date so far.

Seymour’s greatest gift as a performer is the way he delivers heartfelt tunes.

The listener is engaged in the story of the song. It is a spell that is hard to break.

Seymour actually connects with his audience.

Show Me Love is my personal favourite. A song about two lovers, all they have is each other. The kicker is her telling him to get his act together or she will be gone, out the door.

In the Kitchen of a Perfect Home is another highlight. Seymour is in story-telling mode once again.

The intricate nature of male/female relationships is a continuous thread throughout the album.