XPressMag Embedded Review

A positive review of “Embedded”.

Author: Renae Powell.

Date: May 26 2004.

Original URL: http://www.xpressmag.com.au/archives/000420.php


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For his third solo album, it’s as simple as this, Mark Seymour sounds fantastic. Hands down, this album is all about the vocals. Combine that with his ability to write a damn good chorus, and Embedded certainly has some strength. Aside from the first two tracks which are a little dull, the Latin / pop rock groove in Shoulder To Cry On is enough to brighten the album. Gradually obtaining strength in the key tracks In The Kitchen Of A Perfect Home, Made Man and the more upbeat Out Of This World and Show Me Love, with the emotive tone Seymour adapts in the piano based ballad Waratah Street, there really is no underestimating the uniqueness and power to his voice. The songs themselves are a little high and low, as lyrically they don’t compare to the quality of his previous albums (and band), but the way he delivers them is enough to make up for that flaw.

Just a warning, don’t bother with this album if you’re just in it to compare it with Hunters And Collectors, as you may be slightly disappointed. Embedded may not be the best slab of creativity to ever come out of the guy’s mind, but it’s enjoyable all the same.