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Positive Embedded review from the Australian Music Community.

Author: Whitey

Date: May 2004.

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I’ll cut right to the chase. ‘Embedded’ is right up there in the record of the year stakes. You’ve no doubt heard of Mark. If not, the word Hunters and Collectors might ring a bell. If not again, think ‘that song that plays when the footy starts on Channel Ten’ – it’s him! Now 47 years of age, Seymour has moved on from his H&C days – to go solo. In fact this is his 3rd solo album, and it rocks…err… I mean it’s a quality production from a seasoned performer. Is that intellectual enough? Ah, who cares! Listening to this album I was trying to find every reason in the world not to like it. Truth be known, I couldn’t find one. ‘Embedded’ is indeed a surprising album on a number of levels. While it doesn’t pack a contemporary radio hit, as an overall package, it is simply superb.

’43 in the Shade’ kicks things off in fine style as a laid back attempt at said radio tailored tune. Thankfully however, it avoids purposeful (read: dull) repetition and sticks to its guns. For this, Seymour should be duly commended. ’43 in the Shade’ is probably best characterised though, as that song on a CD that love straight off, but later tire of after way too many listens, and a sampling of other tunes.

‘Embedded’ features many great songs like 43 though. There’s the stunning ‘In the kitchen of a perfect home,’ which just really paints a picture. Then there are tracks like the very outback, almost urban-like ‘Try not to try.’ And there’s plenty of sadder stuff too. ‘A shoulder to cry on’ you might easily place under this mantle at first glance. Not so, it’s really upbeat in fact. See what I mean about surprises? Be sure to check out tracks like the awesome ‘Left Alive’ and ‘Warratah Street’ on your way out. ‘Left Alive’ is another of those upbeat numbers, while ‘Warratah’ is one of the mellower ones. ‘Made Man’ just sounds brilliant to your ears. And what about ‘Out of this World’ – is that a hint of Oasis I hear there?

Seymour has produced a gem of an album in ‘Embedded.’ I’m generally not partial to this sort of country slanted music, but Seymour has managed to infuse enough old style type rock and poignant ballads to keep me interested. I’ve barely touched the surface with this review though. There is plenty to look at in terms of the lyrics here as well. But by gee, it sounds damn good doesn’t it. After two listens, if you have any sense at all, this CD shouldn’t leave your record player. Just perfect.

IN SHORT: Top notch car-driving music