InPress Let’s Fall In Love Review

A positive review of Jack Howard’s “Let’s Fall In Love” album by InPress magazine.

Author: Maryanne Window, InPress magazine.

Date: October 2004.

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Jack Howard has certainly not been idle since his former band, Hunters And Collectors, called it a day. Let’s Fall In Love is his third album in the last four years and it showcases the distinctive vocals and trumpet playing that have become his trademark as a singer/songwriter and solo artist.

The album is probably as far removed from the pub rock anthems of H&C as you can get, yet the sound of Howard’s trumpet somehow evokes the memories and emotions of those days gone by.

Let’s Fall In Love is quite a reflective album, largely written in the first person and is full of laid-back grooves that run through a gamut of emotions as the title suggests. The moody Pendulum and Deliver Me, the slinky and slightly seedy title track and Lotus Blossom and the up-beat pop rock of Fallen Angel and On & On give the album musical diversity whilst still maintaining a core sound.

That core sound is solidly built around Howard’s interaction with his band The Long Lost Brothers featuring Nicky Del Rey on guitar, Aidan MacArtney on trombone, Sharky Ramos on drums and bass player Barry Stockley who also recorded, mixed and co-produced the album with Jack.

The sound of the band really comes into its own on the musically intense instrumental El Magnifico and the addition of Tim Neal’s hammond, that weaves in and out throughout the album, heightens the melodic nature of the songs to great effect. A hypnotically groove-based version of Sea Of Love feature long instrumentals that allow the band to jam out and Howard’s fine melodic choices really put his stamp well and truly on this familiar tune.

Let’s Fall In Love tells it like it is warts and all. It shows the seamy side of love as well as the joyful side without being overly shmaltzy or sentimental.