ABC Let’s Fall in Love Review

Positive review of Jack Howard’s “Let’s Fall In Love” at the time of making it the ABC album of the week.

Author: ABC Central Victoria.

Date: 13 June 2005.

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The Album of the Week for the week commencing Monday 6 June is “Let’s Fall In Love”, by Jack Howard and the Long Lost Brothers.

Jack Howard is an ex-Hunter and Collector, of much lower profile than Mark Seymour. He’s assembled the Long Lost Brothers – himself and four musicians – with a slightly Hunters-ish sound in some ways, especially in the use of brass.

That’s not to say that the Long Lost Brothers are a straight H & C knock-off. The sound ranges from that Hunters-tinged sound through an eclectic mix of influences and styles; lyrically, there’s a decent slab of angst and broken hearts, and some astute observations on Friday night sessions at nightclubs.