XPressMag Daytime and the Dark Review

A positive review of “Daytime and the Dark”.

Author: Renae Powell.

Date: May 26 2004.

Original URL: http://www.xpressmag.com.au/archives/2005/03/mark_seymour_da.php


Article Text

How could this be anything but good? The better of the Hunters And Collectors material stripped down by the, now solo, Seymour, Daytime And The Dark is something all Hunters fans have longed for and it’s something Seymour needed to return to also. Of anyone, who would have guessed that Mark Seymour would have a realisation or two about contentment in music at this stage in his career? Through the Hunters and all those hits, plus nine years soloing, Seymour’s furrowed brow has drooped cynically as the forces of the music industry have played heavily on his talent. Acoustic performing, rather than writing new material, has saved him. Or at least, that’s the way he explains it in the beautiful liner notes contained within. Of the fifteen tracks on board, six are new Seymour numbers and nine span most of the Hunters collection. Have a go at this; Do You See What I See?, Head Above Water, Tears Of Joy, When The River Runs Dry, What’s A Few Men?, Holy Grail, You Stole My Thunder, The Slab and Throw Your Arms Around Me. This acoustic slab of Australiana joins the Daryl Braithwaite-collaborated See You Around Sometime, Custard’s Dave McCormack with In The Kitchen Of A Perfect Home, plus three other Seymour-only tracks of which Ready To Go would be the highlight. A great little step back in time.