The Age Horn of Plenty Review

Rave review of the Horn of Plenty box set from The Age.

Author: Andrew Murfett, The Age.

Date: 5 December 2008.

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Horn of Plenty
Hunters and Collectors
5 Stars

History: One of the most sigificant bands in the history of Australian rock music, the Hunters formed in Melbourne in 1981 and played their last gig in 1998. In between, they release nine studio albums, including seminal classics such as Human Frailty and Jaws of Life. They enjoyed a modicim of US success in the late 1980’s with the singles Back on the Breadline and When The River Runs Dry. Live, the band came into their own, the volcanic presence of Mark Seymour augmented by his band’s rumbling sound. It was a compelling, visceral experience.

Contents: Exhastive. A remarkable package for fans. A total of 16 discs, comprising 14 CDs and two DVDs. All nine studio albums are accounted for, as well as two rarity collections. There are three live discs, as well as a live DVD and remastered collection of the band’s videos. The packaging is luxurious and features a beautifully written essay from Age journalist Chris Johnston.

New material: No new songs as such, but plenty that most diehards won’t have.

Unanswered question: After their brilliant but brief comeback performance a few years back at the ARIA Hall of Fame, fans speculated: odes the band have one more tour in them?