Shadowlands Official Promotion

Official promotion words for Jack Howard’s Shadowlands album.

Author: Jack Howard.

Date: 19 January 2012.

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Brimful of melody and invention, Jack Howard’s latest album, Shadowlands, is a cracker.

Laid up with a dodgy shoulder over the summer of the floods, 2011, Jack put the songs together bit by bit on his trusty imac.

Featuring Jack’s trumpet, vocals and piano, the songs range from soaring harmony-drenched pop to cinematic instrumentals.

Young gun, Gerard Assi, stuck his head in and added some inspired guitar, but all the rest is Jack.

He writes deft and moving lyrics about growing up in Melbourne’s northwest, about love gone wrong…and right; and there are a couple of beautiful songs in there about his dad’s last days.

This time around, Jack is releasing the album digitally only.

Just go to and you can download the album for $10.

This includes lyrics, liner notes, artwork and your choice of audio formats.

Shadowlands is also available on itunes, along with all of Jack’s other recordings.

Visit Jack ‘s bandpage on facebook for all of the latest news and heaps of music.

Jack played trumpet with Hunters and Collectors, and along the way, he’s played with Midnight Oil, Little Red, The Living End, You Am I, The Break and many others. He’s been releasing his own highly-regarded CDs for the last 12 years.