Seventh Heaven Club Review: West Australian

Positive review of Mark’s Seventh Heaven Club.

Author: Simon Collins, West Australian.

Date: 18 March 2013.

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3.5 Stars

Always one for a love song, whether romantic (Throw Your Arms Around Me) or caustic (Say Goodbye), former Hunters and Collectors frontman Mark Seymour is in his element on Seventh Heaven Club, a 12-song covers collection.

Just don’t expect late-night requests.

Seymour tackles Tom Petty’s 1999 post-divorce song Counting on You, Dylan’s corrosive Can’t Wait and the National’s heart-rending Sorrow on an enthralling album that eschews the obvious in favour of unusual choices that suit the singer and his band, the Undertow.

Lucinda Williams joins him on the brutal, emasculating (“you didn’t even make me . . .”) Come On, while teenage daughter Hannah plays the siren on the Pogues’ Lorelei.

Jackson Browne’s Late for the Sky is a perfect fit for Seymour’s voice, while Neil Young and Otis Redding classics make welcome appearances at the end of the affair. Join the club.