Fan Club – December 1992 Closure

December 1992 letter closing the fan club.

Author: Jack Howard.

Date: November 1992.


Article Text

November 1992

Fellow Ghosts,

After three and a half years and half a dozen newsletters, the Hunters and Collectors fan club is closing shop.

Before you can drown us with your howls of protest, let me say that the reason we’re finishing is because we would rather put out no newsletter at all than put out a half baked one. We pride ourselves on our musical professionalism and excellence and we would rather you get into our music because of that, then get disillusioned with us because of our fan club.

I’m being honest with you here. I’m not citing organisational problems (which we had) or scattered membership (which we also had) or anything else. We would prefer to let our music speak for itself.

The only other thing I would like to say is Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and don’t let the Liberals ruin our lives; and good luck to all of you.

Keep the flag flying and keep supporting strong, passionate and honest music wherever it comes from.

Yours Faithfully,

Jack Howard

PS. We have only just received all fan club paperwork back to our office and have noticed that there are a few of you who have just signed and paid up within the last two months. Please contact us again stating when you sent in your cheque etc and we will open discussion regarding reimbursement of your membership fee. Thanks for your cooperation on this.

Details of December “Cut” live tour are enclosed herewith – hope to see you there.



Thanks James!