Fan Club – June 1992 News Update

June 1992 update on Hunters and Collectors for fans.

Author: Jack Howard.

Date: June 1992.


Article Text

Fellow Ghosts,

Well, now it’s winter time and just about time to hit the road in Australia… also time for some updates.

As you will have heard on the radio our new single Head Above Water has now been released, featuring the “new” Hunters sound! In July, we’ll be doing an extensive national tour to promote the single and to bring our new material on to stage.

Can I tell you a bit about our new album? Well, in the last instalment, I think I remember telling you about the first half of the recording – how well it was going and the different approach we were taking, using electronic percussion loops underneath the rhythm section. Well, the second half was much the same… but faster! We spent the first week in Festival Studios in Sydney and then a week at Platinum Studios in Melbourne where we recorded another five songs. Three of them are possible singles for the future (don’t lay any bets on this, I’ll deny all knowledge).

Holy Grail is a pretty hooky little number about the Napoleonic Wars (hmm, topical), then there’s a big ballad The Edge of Nowhere, also a wild heavy metal type rocker called Can’t Help It which is everyone’s favourite at the moment. In fact, we were all around at John’s place today listening to some the remixed that had just arrived back from the States. Included with these remixes there is a new version of Where Do You Go which will be on the album. It’s quite a lot darker than the single version.

Robert Miles out mysterious man behind the scenes, has come up with the album titled Cut. Circular saws will dominate the artwork and merchandising. When it comes to album time there will be a very special limited edition CD, so make sure you get in early.

After the forthcoming Head Above Water tour, we will be releasing another single, and then we’ll start to tour again. The Cut tour is scheduled for September/October, and will take us to Canada and Scandinavia. We will then return to do a really extensive summer tour back home. Next year, we plan to be overseas again, perhaps touring in the United States. It’s a strange life being in a band; Your life alternates between completely idle periods and total full on bouts of touring and recording.

Before I leave you, I have to tell you that the Ghost Nation needs your help. We’ve almost run out of players to profile, so if you have any bright ideas about what you’d life to see in these newsletters, please write to us and tell about them. We may soon change the six monthly mail our procedure, rest assured you will be kept in touch should we decide to do this.

Hopefully we’ll see you out there watching the shows and if I don’t write again before Cut is released… enjoy!!

Yours with a lump of lead,

Jack Howard



Thanks James!