Fan Club – July 1991 News Update

July 1991 update on Hunters and Collectors for fans.

Author: Jack Howard.

Date: July 1991.


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The Ghost Nation

Fan Club Update Newsletter July 1991

The eternal question! Whattaya been doing lately?

Well, I don’t know about you, but we’ve been in the studio recording a new single (“Where Do You Go?”) and mixing down some of the live stuff from the Ausmusic Show at the Myer Music Bowl, for possible release as a maxi-single sometime in the next few months. We used a guy called Nick Sansano to record and mix with. He’s an Italian from New York, who has worked with bands like Sonic Youth (a great American guitar band) and a lot of black rap people like L. L. Cool J. and Public Enemy (the best rap band in the world for my money!).

Given the people he has worked with and his Italian ancestry I was kind of expecting someone out of “Goodfellas” – perhaps a Robert De Niro of the recording underworld. As it turns out he’s this 5 foot 2 inch dwarf who eats anchovy pizza and watches “The Ball Game”. Anyway he was great to work with so we might use him to record some of the next album (tentatively titled “Barry is a Wonderful Person”) which we’ll be starting sometime around early July.

Apart from recording the band has been doing very little, communally speaking that is. We’re still in the rehearsal room looking at each other and pulling funny faces in an attempt to come up with some new songs for the next album.

(Woody Allen loves what he’s heard) Individually we’ve been looking at houses and health clubs and eating very well!

Speaking of eating I think this newsletter should have a new feature – the Hunters kitchen handyman cookbook, where each month (or until the band kicks me out) we take you into a bandmembers kitchen where they can display their culinary skills or alternatively take you to their favourite cafe and introduce you to the chef or perhaps simply open the freezer door and sift through their collection of “white wings” frozen dinners. Let me know if you think it is a good idea – I’m sure the band already hates it.

Anyway, until next time… take care.

With love from the Hunters…



Thanks James!