Fan Club – December 1990 News Update

December 1990 update on Hunters and Collectors for fans.

Author: Jack Howard.

Date: December 1990.


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Editorial Update

First things first – Merry Christmas, fellow Ghosts, and a Happy New Year. Are you wondering what to buy Auntie Doris for Christmas? H+C Collected Works, of course, our brand new greatest hits and our brand new video compilation. Can you think of anything else that she’d more more?!

We’re touring the country in January, right up the East Coast, through country centres and then the Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth, so keep your ear to the ground and your foot off the clutch.

We were wrong! In our first issue, there were a couple of mistakes in our Player Profile. “When the Truth Comes Calling” is on the flipside of “Throw Your Arms” (old and new versions), not the “Payload” E.P. And favourite books should read “the novels of Raymond Chandler”, and “More Die of Heartbreak” by Saul Bellow.

Sayonara, dudes.



Thanks James!