Fan Club – Michael Waters Player Profile

Profile of Michael Waters for fans.

Author: Loud and Clear Management, Michael Waters.

Date: November 1990.


Article Text

Name: Michael Waters.

Birth Date: 15th August 1961.

Instrument: Trombone, keyboards.

Previous Occupations: Mainly student, sometimes pizza cook, coat hanger sorter, dishwasher, book-keeping, resting.

Other Activities: Golf, pessimism, going to wanky restaurants and bars.

Ailments: Bad back, mouth ulcers.

Height: 178cm.

Weight: 74kg.

Favourite Tours: Sweden, Canada.

Least Favourite: Anything that includes Wagga Wagga or the U.K.

Favourite Records (this week): Alice Cooper – School’s Out; Public Image – Greatest Hits; Died Pretty – Doughboy Hollow.

Favourite Movies: Terminator 2, Ballad or Narayama, Red Sorghum.

Favourite Books: Red Dragon – Thomas Harris; Just about anything by Somerset; Maughan; Graham Greene or Paul Theroux.

Favourite Cookbook: ‘The Complete Asian Cookbook’ – Charmaine Soloman.

Career Highlight: We played at a festival in Switzerland, there was a huge traffic jam stopping the brass section getting to the festival stage in time for the show. We were eventually ferried to the mountain top by helicopter. As we got out of the helicopter, a phalanx of photographers who had absolutely no idea who we were, but we were carrying instrument cases, so they took a million photos anyway as we were ushered to the limo that drop us the two hundred yards to the stage. I can’t remember what the show as life. I’d love a few prints of the photos.

What will you be doing in 15 years? Resting.



Thanks James!