Fan Club – Mark Seymour Player Profile

Profile of Mark Seymour for fans.

Author: Loud and Clear Management, Mark Seymour.

Date: November 1990.


Article Text

Name: Mark Seymour.

Age: 34.

Nicknames: Runty, Imelda (for my shoe collection), Brutus.

Instrument: Vocals, guitar.

Joined Band: By accident December 1980.

Previous Occupations: Clerk, Labourer, Shop Assistant, Student, Welder, Roadie (Birthday Party), Teacher.

Other Activities: Athlete, sulk, devils advocate, catalyst, drama Queen, drinker, Monaro driver, manic depressant.

Musical Influences: My mother, constant reading, T.V., my voice, limited guitar playing skills and loud obnoxious rock ‘n’ roll.

Favourite Song: Love All Over Again, Dog.

Favourite Tours: Sweden (always), Australian summer, especially Sydney.

Least Favourite Tours: London, England generally – it’s a pimple on the earth! Wagga Aussie Rules Club.

Favourite Records: TNT – AC/DC, Blood on the Tracks – Dylan, 3.50 for the 1500 Meters.

Favourite Places: Sweden, New York, Toronto, Melbourne, Olympic Park, ID’s, Bondi Beach.

Favourite Footballer: Not interested.

Biggest Thrill: Breaking 3:56 for the 1500 meterchase.

Hair by: John of Caulfield…

Car: (great, I’ve been waiting for this) 1968 Monaro GTS – HK, gun metal grey – I love it! Shiny like a diamond, very loud stereo.

What will you be doing in 15 years? God knows!

Favourite Food: Other people’s scraps… coffee.



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