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Profile of John Archer for fans.

Author: Loud and Clear Management, John Archer.

Date: November 1990.


Article Text

Name: John Melville Lee Archer.

Age: 34.

Starsign: Cusp of Taurus and Gemini.

Nickname: Longhead, Planet Brain.

Instrument: Bass.

Joined Band: At the start.

Previous Occupations: Mechanical Engineer, hardware store lackey.

Other Activities/Hobbies: Ski mountaineering, model aircraft.

Musical Influences: Magazine, Man & Machine, Rolling Stones, Prince.

Favourite Hunter’s Songs: Carry Me.

Favourite Hunters’ Tours/Gigs: St Kilda Festival (the first one), Old Greek Theatre.

Favourite Records: Black & Blue, The Slider, Loaded, It’s Too Late To Stop Now.

Favourite Films: The Right Stuff, Dr Strangelove, Assault on Precinct 13.

Favourite Books: The Right Stuff, Now We Are Six.

Favourite Food: Dinner!

Favourite Places: Mt Feathertop (the one true mountain), Venice.

Favourite Drink: Gin Martini (very dry, stirred not shaken, straight up, with three olives).

Favourite Item of Clothing: Wiedens leather jacket (1984).

Favourite TV Show: The Addams Family, Rocky & Bulwinkle.

Favourite Footballer: Max Pitt.

Biggest Thrill: Learning to ski.

Car: 12 speed Repco semi-racer (blue).

Hair Styled by: Sylvia of Caulfield.

What will you be doing in fifteen years? Resting.



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