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Profile of Jack Howard for fans.

Author: Loud and Clear Management, Jack Howard.

Date: March 1990.


Article Text

Name: John Albert Howard.

Age: 31.

Nickname: Jack.

Instrument: Trumpet, keyboards, backing vocals.

Joined Band: July ’81.

Previous Occupations: Teacher, storeman and packer, landscape gardener, Violet Crumble tester, submarine commander.

Other Activities/Hobbies: Athletics, football, old movies, cat lover, food, snooker, needlepoint.

Musical Influences: Tom Waits, Miles Davis, classical music of Debussy, Mahler and Stravinsky, Jason Donovan.

Favourite Hunter’s Songs:
Relief, Human Frailty
Hayley’s Doorstep, Jaws of Life
When The Truth Comes Calling, Payload EP
Lumps of Lead, Payload EP
Blind Eye, Ghost Nation

Favourite Hunters’ Tours/Gigs: Swedish tour 1988, American tour 1987, Old Greek Theatre shows November 1989, Selinas shows February 1990, St Kilda Festival 1987.

Favourite Records:
Practically anything by Tom Waits or Bruce Springsteen
Vince Jones – Trustworthy Little Sweethearts
Neneh Cherry – Raw Like Sushi
Miles Davis – A Kind of Blue
Crowded House – Into Temptation
Paul Kelly – Careless
Neil Young – Decade “Wrecking Ball”
Jason Donovan picture disc.

Favourite Films: The Maltese Falcon, Casablanca, Manhattan, Flying High, The Untouchables, Fatal Attraction, Mary Poppins, Benjy Saves Jason.

Favourite Books:
Handling Sin – Michael Malone
More Die of Heartbreak – Raymond Chandler
Soul Bellow – Raymond Chandler
Cousin Pons – Balzac
Sentimental Education – Flaubert
War and Peace – Jason Donovansky

Favourite Food:
Breakfast – Frootloops
Lunch – Something light (maybe two chickens)
Dunner – A lot
4 in the morning – Pizza

Favourite Places: St Kilda, the MCG, the Astor Theatre, Myer Foor Hall

Favourite Drink: Strong black coffee, fresh orange juice

Favourite Hem of Clothing: New Italian shows, ancient bomber jacket lost on last tour, white shirt stolen from laundromat, pork pie hat lost in Perth.

Favourite TV Show: Footy replay, Neighbours.

Favourite Footballer: Tony Lockett

Biggest Thrill: Meeting Jason

Car: HD Holden (rustbucket, last legs, they said it’d never make it, you call THAT a car?)

Hair Styled by: Simone’s of Elwood

What will you be doing in fifteen years? Featuring on “Lifestyles of the Not-Very-Rich and Relatively Unknown,” wearing a hearing aid.



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