Hunting Out A Savage Sound

Early Greg Perano interview about The Fireman’s Curse era.

Author: Sue Morgan.

Date: 4 August 1983.

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One of the myths surrounding Melbourne band Hunters & Collectors goes along the lines that they lived and recorded in Berlin during a recent six month sojourn in Europe.

But percussionist Greg Perano, who returned with the rest of the band two weeks ago, has laid that one to rest.

“We actually lived in London and recorded in a small town near Cologne,” he said this week.

“We worked with Conny Plank (Ultravox’s producer) in his studios there for about three weeks.”

According to Greg, Plank fitted in well with the six man group.

“He heard our tapes and he was really enthusiastic about it.”

The band played around the UK and built quite a following in London.

“In London there were patriotic Australians who came to see us but when we didn’t sound like the Police or Japan they didn’t come back. We did build up an audience of young English kids.

“You don’t travel 13,000 miles and play to another group of Australians.”

The band, largely built its percussive rhythms, has been labelled “funky” but Greg says that’s too easy a description.

“I suppose you could call us primitive in that we have hard and savage sounds.”

Tension which developed within the group in Europe made the unit stronger, according to Greg.

“It tends to make people a bit more aggressive, gives a harder edge to things.
“We are quite a lot wilder too.”

The new album, “The Fireman’s Curse” will be released here on August 29 and overseas in September.

“We are negotiating a contract with a U.S. company,” Greg said.

The band will be playing at the Prince of Wales, St.Kilda tomorrow night and Melbourne University on Sunday.

It will return to Melbourne on September 1 and 2 at The Venue and the Ocean Grove Hotel on September 3.



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