Pre-Jaws Biography (Mushroom Press Release)

Official Mushroom Records press release fprior to the release of The Jaws of Life.

Author: Festival Mushroom / White Label Records.

Date: 1984.

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Hunters and Collectors was created in December 1980. Within weeks they had developed a huge live following in the home town, Melbourne, and a little later in Sydney.

The “World of Stone” EP was their first recording and was released in early 1981.

Developed a live show involving upward of 20 people on stage, believing that numbers enhanced the woven imagery of their music and developed a community consciousness in each performance.

First album, self-titled, was released in July ’82, from which came the single, “Talking to a Stranger”. It included an EP in the package with two extra tracks. Produced by the band, engineered by Jim Barton and Tony Cohen. Six months in the making.

Toured extensively throughout Australia. Became a popular live act in every major capitol city.

Recorded the “Payload” EP in late ’82 with British producer, Mike Howlett.
Band moved to London and signed with Virgin records for U.K. and European release.

Unsuccessful in England due to a basic difference between rock music traditions in the United Kingdom and Australia. Hunters and Collectors emphasis on live performance not considered relevant by Virgin Records and the British rock scene generally.

Early 1983 recorded “The Fireman’s Curse” with Conny Plank in Germany. Singles were released were “Judas Sheep” and “Sway”.

September 1983 returned to Australia and proceeded to tour New Zealand and the U.S., having signed to A&M records. Released a compilation album of the bands best songs from the first and second albums. The tour was highly successful in both provinces and encouraged their popularity.

CBS Japan released the same album on the U.S. in July ’84.

Hunters and Collectors have signed a long term British and European deal with Epic records. Single, 12″ and album being released August through September 1984.

Nevertheless as a result of six months spent in Britain, the lack of success there badly demoralized the group and two members, Martin Lubran (guitar) and Greg Perano (percussion) departed.



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