Hunters are Ready for the Risks

Brief Canadian Human Frailty era article.

Author: Toronto Sun.

Date: 18 November 1986.

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Hunters & Collectors took a break that almost broke them apart a few years ago.

That’s when the record industry didn’t want any part of the Australian group.

“The big reason was that we had a savage interruption and lost three members,” said singer Mark Seymour, who brings the revamped band into RPM tonight as part of a 35-city North American tour.

And so far the cutback in size seems to be working out just fine, said Seymour, who now fronts a more accessible six-member pop group.

Certainly, the results on the latest album, Human Frailty, underscores the Hunters & Collectors transition.

“Strangely enough, we didn’t have a complete notion of what kind of record we were making at the time.”

But Seymour does now.

“It’s as though we’re almost commercial enough, but not quite.”

But that’s okay.

“The pump is to take risks,” he said.

It’s one of the trademarks they’ve refused to lose.