Head Hunter and Collectors Talks About Human Frailty

Brief Canadian Human Frailty era article.

Author: Wendi Borges, The Anchor.

Date: 14 April 1987.

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Hunters and Collectors: … “It takes a muscular band to show Human Frailty.” – I.R.S. Records

Frank Perdue once said, “It takes a tough man to make a tender chicken.” Australian rockers Hunters and Collectors must have had him in mind while they were writing their fifth album. Hunters and Collectors are a sextet whose album Human Frailty has both a tough and tender side.

H & C are one of the few acts today that specialize in a big, full sound. A three man horn section and a tight rhythm section are the power to the band’s sound. However, the lyrics on Human Frailty reflect a sensitive side of vocalist/guitarist Mark Seymour. “A lot of the songs on this album are about a relationship between a man and a woman,” he said in an interview back in November.

Human Frailty is actually the first H & C album that has drawn major attention in America. The first three (Payload-1981, World of Stone-1982 and The Fireman’s Curse-1983) never really hit U.S. airwaves. Seymour feels that this slow road to recognition in the States is due to the fact that their style of music hasn’t received enough attention to be considered commercial.

“A band like us has to come out and tour to support the record,” he explained. “We can only get a minimum amount of commercial airplay. Commercial dj’s take a while to be convinced. There are a few radio stations that picked us up, but it was mainly college.”

Hunters and Collector Mark Seymour reaches out to the audience to get his message across.