Rocker is Rolled!

One Eyed Man era interview with Mark Seymour.

Author: Michael Adams, MAG (Music Australia Guide) (?).

Date: ~April 2001.

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Article Text

Mark Seymour, former frontman of Hunters & Collectors, on being robbed and his Simpsons name…

Q. Did you find it weird that you had blokes in pubs singing the words “You don’t make me feel like a woman anymore”?

A. It was a part of the whole live phenomenon. It was something we worked hard at trying to induce them to do, with legendary success.

Q. Do you think they were thinking about what they were singing?

A. Oh yeah. I’d never underestimate their intelligence, no matter what state they were in.

Q. The Hunters’ gigs were pretty wild. Was there much offstage mischief and shenanigans?

A. No, we were a fairly earnest lot.

Q. So, no groupies then?

A. No. I don’t want to disappoint, but it’s true.

Q. One Eyed Man, the song and title of your new album, is about being bashed. What happened?

A. Yeah, I got into a bit of strife in Kings Cross. Three guys approached me for money… I stupidly opened my wallet. I have one of them 10 bucks and got about five metres before one of them hit me on the head. I went down and then the boots were coming in on my head…

Q. How bad were you hurt?

A. Pretty bad. I had plastic surgery.

Q. And why the title One Eyed Man?

A. One of the guys had one eye missing.

Q. Sounds like The Fugitive’s one-armed man. Did they catch him?

A. No. But if I saw him again, I’d know him.

Q. You’ve written lots of songs about sex. Do you think the title One Eyed Man might lead some to think about the song’s about old fellas?

A. I like that! Somebody pointed that out to me the other day I was like, “Ohhh, right…”

Q. Was there ever jealousy between you and Nick, your “Crowded House” brother?

A. Oh yeah, ha ha! He got a bit cocky and I got a bit bitter about the fact that he got so successful internationally but it’s all kind of water under the bridge now.

Q. The Simpsons have fun with the name Seymour…

A. Yeah, my kids love it.

Q. Apart from Seymour Butts, what else do you get?

A. I’m not going to go there, ha ha.

(Picture) Free of pesky Ernie, Bert’s talents flowered.