ABC Radio Interview

ABC radio interview with Mark Seymour about “One Eyed Man”.

Author: Madeleine Randall.

Date: 28 February 2001.

Original URL: – download the interview.


Article Text

Mark Seymour New Solo Album

Reporter: Madeleine Randall

Date of broadcast: Wednesday, 28 February 2001

Hunters and Collectors were one of Australia’s premier rock groups. The group members went their separate ways is 1998 after a twenty year career. In that time they releases some nine albums and numerous ep’s.

Lead singer Mark Seymour took the solo path and his second album is about to hit the stores. He spoke to 612 ABC’s Madeleine Randall.



Mark Seymour is interviewed, sings “On My Way Home” live.

A generally interesting interview – download it at the ABC site above (if it is no longer there, then contact me and I may be able to help you!).