Online interview with Mark Seymour.

Author: RadioUndercover.

Date: 13 March 2001.

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y_undercover_ros: Hi there!
y_undercover_ros: MARK SEYMOUR is joining us today at 4.30pm AESDT
y_undercover_ros: You can start sending in your questions
y_undercover_ros: Mark Seymour’s latest album is One Eyed Man
y_undercover_ros: Keep those questions coming in! Don’t forget to stay tuned after the chat to see MARK SEYMOUR being interviewed live by Paul of If you go to you can follow the links to the live webcast interview. Mark will also perform live after this chat
y_undercover_ros: My name is Ros and I’m from
y_undercover_ros: Mark Seymour has arrived!
y_undercover_ros: Welcome Mark Seymour!!!!!
y_mark_seymour: G’day everybody. Hope you’re all well.

rachel_watt: what inspired you to write throw your arms around me?
y_mark_seymour: I was in love.

madmuzefan: hey mark – big hunters and collectors fan – your song throw your arms was the first song I ever downloaded from napster (don’t worry – have bought the CD) – can you tell me what the motivation for it was?
y_mark_seymour: Actually, I thought I’d just answered that question, so I’ll elaborate. I had a very serious girlfriend, who introduced me to artists like Van Morrison and Randy Newman. These artists are quite old, older than me in fact.
y_mark_seymour: But their music is very inspiring.
y_mark_seymour: They are great songwriters. I aspired to writing songs as well as them. So throw your arms around me was stylistically similar.

madmuzefan: what’s your thinking on napster?
y_mark_seymour: Although I can understand why people want to gain access to music for free, unfortunately for myself and other songwriters, this kind of activity deprives me of potential income, so naturally I’m not too keen on the practice.

star5hip_tr00per: have you ever been asked if you look like Guy Pearce? you have similar deep set eyes
y_mark_seymour: I have actually.

rohalli: Is Pauline Hanson worth tipping a glass of wine over?
y_mark_seymour: It depends on how pushy she was.
y_mark_seymour: I wouldn’t have done this myself, but I wasn’t there.
y_mark_seymour: let me make one thing clear, I think she’s a dangerous woman, and her politics are obnoxious.

mrock_78: What’s your favourite venue in Australia to play at
y_mark_seymour: For a band I would say Selinas, in Coogee, and for acoustic I would say The Ettamogah Pub, Caloundra.

rohalli: What kind of car do you drive?
y_mark_seymour: I drive a 1973 Monaro Coupe, vinyl roof, black interior, red duco, 253 V8, twin system.

mrock_78: mark why do u get stuck with all those lovely women songs on denton’s radio show
y_mark_seymour:That’s a good question, I think Andrew is trying to undermine my macho credibility, especially considering it’s MMM, which is of course boy rock.

brett101_au: Will you be touring soon? Your live performances are great.
y_mark_seymour:Oh dear, probably May/June.

madmuzefan: would you ever do anything with your bro nick?
y_mark_seymour: Surfing is enough, thank you very much.

brett101_au: You use a capo for a lot of songs, is there any reason for your that, other than that it sounds great?
y_mark_seymour: I like using the d chord, so using the capo means I can slot a d chord into any key signature.

tigerwoods_aus: What kind of sound system do you have in your car?
y_mark_seymour: Pioneer.

shockedbyyou: What is your favorite song?
y_mark_seymour: She went down swingin’, by Tom Petty

mach1_au_2000: why doesn’t the Australian music industry support aus music,if they were so many top names would not be going to the US
y_mark_seymour: To start with, the Australian music industry does support Oz music, perhaps not enough, but Australia is a small market and if I’d sold as many albums as Powderfinger has, I’d be trying my luck in the US as well, and I sincerely hope they go ballistic over there.

rohalli: Did Paul McDermott butcher Throw Your Arms Around Me
y_mark_seymour: The word butcher is a little strong, but he certainly gave it a good thrashing. Still, he’s a very talented man and I won’t hear another word against him!

mach1_au_2000: do you think that programs like beat box , countdown helped with your career and should they be still around today
y_mark_seymour: They certainly helped with my career, but unfortunately given the nature of multimedia, and the effect that it has had on the way people access music, shows such as these wouldn’t survive in this market.

rohalli: Do you have anything to do with your website?
y_mark_seymour: Yes. Stay tuned at for a new page called “Beef” which is where I get to talk about all sorts of strange exotic issues related to the life and times of an aging rock star.

madmuzefan: do you miss being in a band?
y_mark_seymour: Well actually, I’ve got a band. It’s called “One Eyed Man” and it’s a five piece, and it features the guys who played on the album.

mrock_78: what is your all time fav hunter’s song
y_mark_seymour: Holy Grail.

mrock_78: What’s your best ever gig been
y_mark_seymour: The Olympic Games, in the Domain.

rachel_watt: H&C – over for ever?
y_mark_seymour: Yes, sadly.

brett101_au: I saw you at the Rose & Crown at the Gold Coast last year. What did you think of that venue?
y_mark_seymour: Actually I quite enjoyed it, I was expecting the worst, but I was pleasantly surprised by the enthusiasm of the crowd, and the room was the right size for a solo performance. I will definitely play there again, if asked.

y_undercover_ros: That’s all we have time for – It’s been great having you here Mark

y_mark_seymour: I’d very much appreciate it if people would email to JJJ requesting my songs.

y_undercover_ros: That was Mark Seymour!
y_undercover_ros: Make sure you all go out and buy his album – well worth the outlay!
y_undercover_ros: I’m Ros from – Great to have you all here – see you tomorrow at our next chat!