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An interview titles ‘Mark Seymour spins stories of suburbia for his new album’.

Author: AMO – Australian Music Online.

Date: 19 April 2004.

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Q: Who are your 3-5 favourite Australian artists?

Currently they are Slim Dusty, The Cat Empire, the Waifs.

Q: What are your 3-5 most played Australian releases? Why?

The Waifs “Up All Night”, Slim Dusty “Columbia Lane”, and The Cat Empire….

They’re all utterly different to each other… All deeply intelligent, they’re actually saying something meaningful, thank GOD!! and it’s the SONGS, THE SONGS!!

Q: What do you think is the most influential Australian music release and why?

ACDC “Long Way to the Top”…. They were the first TRULY ORIGINAL Australian act to break through overseas.

Q: Which Australian performer (past or present) would you most like to work with?

The Waifs… I like their unabashed love of folk… their “aint nuffin’ wrong wiv it”.

Wouldn’t mind getting a national support spot. DARE TO DREAM.

Q: Describe your most memorable Australian music moment?

Playing in the Sydney Domain for the Olympic Games.. Who KNOWS how many there were?

Q: What are your three favourite music websites?

The, Steve, Napster

Q: Can you review the latest Australian music release that you have bought?

Pete Murray “The Feeler” …interesting voice gets this guy over the line… JUST!

The songs are a little ‘underdone’ which leaves you feeling like curling up on the couch with a hot milk and having a good snooze… could’ve spent more time writing.

But who am I to judge. It’s obviously working for him! And he’s a lovely guy.

Q: Can you tell a story behind your latest release?

No.9 Waratah Street… Matthew the ex-fencing contractor won first division Tattslotto TWICE! He is 87 and lives quietly in his retirement enjoying the fruits of his LUCK.

Track 8 on “Embedded” … My third solo effort! Have a listen. It’s kinda different!

Q: What is the most important issue facing Australian music?

The cost of making records, the scarcity of decent live venues, the scarcity of respectable management, the conservatism of commercial radio, the lack of decent A&R, the superficiality of music journalism, Australian idol…

That just about wraps it up… Enjoy… Seymour