True Believers is a semi-official Internet site in close contact with Hunters and Collectors, their management and their record label Liberation Records. It is run by fans, who dedicate their time to the cause on a volunteer basis.


Please feel free to contact us. True Believers are:

  • Caelie Kairos. Website concept. Caelie is a Canadian fan who has been following the band since the mid 1980’s.
  • Stuart Fenech. Webmaster. Hailing from Brisbane, Stuart has spent an unhealthy amount of time on this Internet site over the years.


Site History

We are proud of many of the things that we have achieved through True Believers. Of course, we have been lucky to have had the support and assistance of a great number of fantastic people along the way. Below is a brief chronological history of the True Believers Internet site and major events along the way.



  • 12 March: Mark Seymour’s One Eyed Man album released.
  • 10 April: Development of this site began after Caelie realised that she had web space and Stuart felt motivated.
  • 13 July: The first version of this Internet site launched as Hunna’s Nation. It had no frames or tables and was ugly.
  • 30 July: Following Caelie’s suggestion, the Internet site was renamed to the wholly more fitting True Believers.
  • 26 November: Mark’s Basement DVD released. CD followed in the new year.



  • 22 February: Survey was conducted among fans to find favourite tracks on albums.
  • 5 May: True Believers moved to www.humanfrailty.com
  • 29 July: Jack Howard’s Secrets and White Lies was released.
  • 18 August: While Mark Seymour was between record deals, we provided five full length mp3’s.
  • 2 October: Guestbook was added.
  • 5 December: Surveys launched among fans to determine preferred tracks for best of and rarity compilation releases.



  • 11 August: All studio album remasters were released.
  • 11 August: What’s A Few Men? album in stores, with bonus tracks from Fate. This was the format that we lobbied for though True Believers.
  • 13 October: Natural Selection CD released. We help get Carry Me, Back on the Breadline and Back in the Hole included. On the limited edition bonus disc, we help get Wasted in the Sun, I Couldn’t Give It To You and Hear No Evil included.
  • 24 November: Natural Selection DVD released. It is a comprehensive collection of studio video clips, the traditional fan preferred format.
  • 24 November: Under One Roof DVD released, including a Dolby surround sound mix.



  • 10 March: We scoop the world premier of Mark Seymour’s new single 43 In The Shade.
  • 2 April: Massive fan bootleg trade started.
  • 19 April: Mark Seymour’s Embedded album released.
  • 27 May: Stuart interviews Mark with questions collected from fans. The interview is soon published on True Believers.
  • 28 June: The Way To Go Out DVD released. CD follows later.
  • 12 October: Jack Howard’s Let’s Fall In Love released.
  • 16 October: Massive fan rarities trade started.



  • 14 March: Mark’s Daytime and the Dark album released.
  • 17 September: Mutations rarities disc in stores. The format and track listing resulted after many months of lobbying and negotiation. Great outcome.



  • 1 August: True Believers moves to www.humanfrailty.com.au, courtesy of Liberation Records.
  • 10 August: Redesigned True Believers site launched to the wider world.
  • 2 September: 20th Anniversary edition of Human Frailty released with bonus live DVD.



  • 18 January: A second massive bootleg trade started.
  • 2 June: Mark’s Westgate album released.
  • 16 June: Living in Large Rooms and Lounges 2 CD live album rereleased.
  • 14 July: Jack’s My Lucky Day album released.
  • 27 September: Fan’s gather in Melbourne thanks to the invitation of Loud and Clear Management to be in the audience at the recording of a live Mark Seymour DVD at the Espy.
  • 29 September: Mark’s Titanic acoustic album released.
  • 1 December: Mark’s From Bondi to Bedlam DVD video released. True Believers can be seen in the audience.



  • 3 March: Mark’s Thirteen Tonne Theory book released.
  • 22 October: Great Australian Albums DVD video documentary on Human Frailty released.
  • 22 November: Incredible 16 disc Horn of Plenty box set released. We successfully lobbied for remastering of the Natural Selection DVD and for certain inclusions on the Spare Parts rarities CD, including the early live recordings.



  • 14 March: Hunters perform their first gig since 1998 at the Melbourne Sound Relief benefit. Eight songs are played, including The Slab as an encore.
  • 9 October: Sound Relief 4 DVD set in stores, including Hunters performance.
  • 6 November: Jack’s Lost Horizon album released.



  • 13 December: Rob’s comprehensive gigography launched.



  • 27 May: Mark’s Undertow album released.
  • 3 June: Under One Roof reissued as Greatest Hits Live.
  • 13 June: Media section reaches 300 articles.
  • 17 June: Classic Album Collection 5CD set released.
  • 13 July: True Believers reaches 10 years of age.
  • 2 October: Digital versions of Spare Parts (rarities) and Cargo Cult (EP’s) released to iTunes.
  • 21 October: Natural Selection reissued as Greatest Hits.
  • 18 November: Classic Album Collection 2 5CD set released.
  • 3 December: First full Hunters and Collectors gig since 1998 at the Sydney V8’s.



  • 26 January: Jack’s Shadowlands digital album released.
  • 8 June: Mark’s Daytime and the Dark reissued as Greatest Hits Acoustic.
  • 14 August: True Believers launches The Vault – one rare unreleased track every week in CD quality FLAC and 256kbps mp3.
  • 12 October: Jack’s The Story So Far and Reliving Life to the Full albums released.
  • 12 November: Jack is a now a full member of surf rock band The Break.



  • 23 January: True Believers digitally archived at the National Library in Canberra.
  • 29 January: Media section reaches 400 articles.
  • 1 March: Mark’s Seventh Heaven Club album released.
  • 5 April: Deluxe (CD+DVD) issue of the Under One Roof live album released.
  • 1 May: Bass player John Archer starts providing full tabs for True Believers.
  • 9 August: Media section reaches 500 articles.
  • 15 August: True Believers relaunched in modern WordPress format with streaming audio, video integration, Facebook integration, Twitter integration, blog functionality including comments and picture galleries.
  • 27 September: Tribute album Crucible released – reaches #3 in Australian albums chart.
  • 28 September: Hunna’s perform at AFL – mid time and after party.



  • Playing with Bruce Springsteen…
  • Ten A Day on the Green gigs…
  • Two theatre gigs (Melbourne; Sydney)…