Ralph Mouth – Mark Seymour

Men’s magazine Ralph talks with Mark Seymour.

Author: Chris Ryan, Ralph Magazine.

Date: June 2007.

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Mark Seymour, former Hunters and Collectors frontman gone solo.

What I know about…

Sex, drugs and rock’n’roll

The thing about rock’n’roll is you don’t realise you’re behaving in any particular way when you’re in the throes of success. There are people that took a lot of drugs, had a lot of sex, and I didn’t consider their behaviour to be strange. There’s a certain amount of mythology. The guys and girls who are larger than life are the ones who create the stories – and quite often they die. I’ve been to a lot of funerals in the last few years.

Going solo

One thing I definitely miss is the power of the band [Hunters and Collectors] – that energy. Performing in that band was pretty amazing, but there are a lot of negatives too. I’ve gone in a direction musically where I’m much more in control of what I want to do and what I want to write about — not second-guessing my own work to fit in with this group.


Carlton is the best draught beer. In glass, I like VB or Carlton Draught. I don’t really go anywhere else as far as alcohol is concerned, ‘cos I like talking and you can sit for quite a long period of time [with beer] without losing control. When I switch, I tend to get myself in a bit of trouble. I wouldn’t recommend the sort of things I did, especially to the people who read your magazine. I’ve always been a drinker, I just don’t do stupid things when I’m pissed [anymore]. I tend to get to a certain point and go, “OK, it’s time to go,” and just bugger off.


I got into it as a way of getting rid of stress in a non-destructive way. If I look in the water and it’s too big, I just don’t go out. I never tempt fate with surfing. I must say, you do feel pretty invulnerable if you’ve got a wetsuit on and a surfboard, you’re buoyant. It’s hard to drown. But if you lose your board and you’re a long way out – that’s happened to me twice — it’s very unnerving. You’ve just got to dig in and swim to get to the beach.

Following the Western Bulldogs

I did a thing the other day [at a Bulldogs-Magpies game], it was unbelievably stupid. At the beginning of the third quarter Collingwood kicked a goal within five minutes of the bounce. I said to my daughter, “If they kick another goal we’re going to lose,” and we left. My daughter, she’s 13 years old, she says, “I think you’ve made a mistake.” We get on the train and I texted a mate. He rings and says, “What are you doing? We just kicked five goals.” Then they kicked 11 goals in the second half. That would’ve been one of the most glorious moments, because the place was packed with Collingwood fans, and Collingwood fans are such absolute ferals. Just to sit there being smug would have been hilarious. It’s probably one of the worst mistakes I’ve made in the last five years.

Mark’s latest album Westgate is out now.

Chris Ryan
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