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Mark Seymour interview for Thirteen Tonne Theory.

Author: Richard Fidler, ABC.

Date: 7 March 2008.

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Mark Seymour – musician

Last Update: Friday, March 7, 2008. 7:44am AEST

Mark Seymour was the frontman for “Hunters and Collectors”, a group of musicians that was one of Australia’s greatest ever live bands. They went from being the coolest band in Melbourne to the sweatiest and hardest-working live act in the country, and their sound was always very Australian. The band toured, and toured, and toured -around Australia, and the world. Their songs became anthems – Talking to a Stranger, Say Goodbye, Throw Your Arms Around Me, Do You See What I See and so many others.

Even though Mark was the main singer songwriter he says he wasn’t in control of it, not even remotely, “We were all equal, but sometimes the band could be led by whoever shouted the loudest”. Mark says that for long stretches, life in the band was “really boring, mind-numbing”, but of course there were so many experiences that were anything but. He’s picked some of the funniest, embarrassing and most dramatic moments from their eighteen years on the road to put in his new book Thirteen Tonne Theory.

The band broke up when they were very much on top and Mark has enjoyed a long solo career, releasing six albums and performing around the country. With less drama now he’s only got himself to worry about!