There are many people who have helped True Believers become what it is today. We wish to thank all of these magnificent people.

John Archer: Music tabs and general support.

Gary Badger: Technical assistance. Gary makes websites.

Petula Bier: Information and support.

Alison Belot: Feedback, news and general information.

Chris Camfield: Typing up of Ghost Nation lyrics, support.

Jenelle Cleary: News contributions.

Paul Costello: Incredible support and assistance, from Liberation Records.

Rod Davies: Assistance and information.

Jeremy Dean: Contributor; edits the UK Literary magazine Scrawl.

Andre Denis: Articles and website feedback.

Doug Falconer: Feedback and tip offs.

Scott Fenech: Assistance during development.

Miriam Gravino: News, articles, information, t-shirts and even accomodation!

James Greig: Guitar tabs assistance.

Scott Ham: Music chart information.

Francis Hargreaves: Photo’s and general contributions.

Toby Harnisch: Technical assistance. Toby runs the Darren Hayes site.

Jack Howard: Continual information on his post-Hunna’s activities.

Mark Hawling: Those great ‘Jaws’ era articles, recordings.

Niclas Johansson: Information from the Swedish connection.

Brendan Jones: Our resident technical legend, responsible for impressive fan feats. Also feedback and news.

Justin Lillico: Guitar tabs assistance.

Roger Merin: Convincing us to redesign the website in 2013 and subsequent support in the process.

Robert Miles: Excellent high quality artwork and ongoing extensive support.

Sarch P.: Music chart information.

John Relph: The H&C discography and images.

Michael Roberts: Continual support and background information.

Stephen Scott: Assistance with media archives.

Jamie Scuglia: The beautiful music chart database.

Mark Seymour: Assistance, negotiating with True Believers and being a legend.

James Shellshear: Articles and all the fan club materials.

David Skinner: Improving site accuracy.

Simon Trusler: Guitar tab assistance.

Michael Waters: Articles and contributions.

Nathan Wheldon: Helping us out with the Canadian promo disc and more.

Caelie Kairos
Stuart Fenech