Crucible (Stack/JB Hi-Fi Magazine)

An article about Crucible, the upcoming Hunters and Collectors tribute album.

Author:  Stack Magazine (JB Hi-Fi).

Date: August 2013.

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New generation of Australian musicians pay tribute to Hunters and Collectors.

An upcoming tribute to the legendary Hunters & Collectors features a Neil Finn /Eddie Vedder duet, a new Avalanches remix and interpretations of the band’s most famous songs by a new generation of Australian artists including Oh Mercy, Abbe May, British India and Birds of Toyko.

Crucible is released just before the last weekend of September: coincidentally the same weekend as the AFL and NRL Grand Finals. But, we’re sure that’s just a coincidence and there’s nothing at all to be read into that. Surely… ?

Formed in the early ’80s around Melbourne’s notorious St Kilda/Seaview Ballroom scene, Hunters and Collectors’ uncompromising and intense energy and raw musical versatility saw them a carve a unique niche all their own, regaled in the suburbs and the inner city in equal measure.

The Hunters have been notoriously cagey on even one-off reunion prospects since they disbanded in 1998, although they wasted no time at all playing Black Saturday-related relief gigs in 2009.

In any case, it’s high time their unique songwriting oeuvre and highly original musical approach was recognised by younger generations of both fans and musicians.

Hunters & Collectors’ Mark Seymour says, “it’s deeply rewarding for me as a writer to know that beyond the years and all the hard work that was done in the crucible of the Australian suburbs, the songs of Hunters & Collectors have reached the cream of Australia’s talent, great singers and bands young and older.”

You can pre-order the album here:

Check out the full track-listing!:

1. Birds of Tokyo – Talking to a Stranger
2. Eddie Vedder & Neil Finn – Throw Your Arms Around Me
3. Matt Corby & Missy Higgins – This Morning
4. Oh Mercy – The Slab (Betty’s Worry)
5. Alpine – Hear No Evil
6. The Living End – Say Goodbye
7. Paul Kelly & Emma Donovan (featuring Jimblah) – True Tears of Joy
8. The Rubens – Holy Grail
9. Husky – Blind Eye
10. Something For Kate – When the River Runs Dry
11. The Panics – Alligator Engine
12. Abbe May – Dog
13. British India – Do You See What I See?
14. Cloud Control – Still Hanging ‘Round
15. The Avalanches – Stalking to a Stranger (Planets Collide Remix)