Rock, Folk and Jazz Gig Listing

Brief UK comments about an upcoming Hunters gig.

Author: John Gill, Time Out (UK).

Date: 18-24 March 1983.

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Coming across the listing for Hunters & Collectors and Babaluma (Venue, Thur) was like receiving A Sign form Thomas Pychon. Both bands take their names from Can – respectively, a track off ‘Landed’ and the title of a mid-career album – and given this writer’s hopeless infatuation with same, it was either a PR ploy, a joke by a fellow Rockettes or someone at the White Visitation was switching me on.

Three are no stylistic similarities at all, although the careering bravura of H&C’s full-tilt splintered dance assemblies certainly wins them spiritual affiliation. They sometimes lapse into the grim, but at their best, bass and guitar like falling pylons, shrieking, disjointed lead, queasy effects, they achieve a knockout inventive intensity.

Chrysalis’ Babaluma are under wraps at present, but much is promised by the fact that they comprise the nuclear of King Trigger, the find young art-dance band who foundered last year. I’ll dodgy through the rockets to get to this gig. Tyrone Slothrop, phone home.