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Brief article on positive ‘Jaws’ reviews.

Author: Unknown.

Date: 1984.


Article Text

Hunters and Collectors, now minus founding member Geoff Crosby, has had the thumbs up from the British music press for it’s Jaws Of Life album.

The album, recently released in the UK on the Epic label, received a five star rating from Sounds magazine, and reviewer Jane Simon says, “Their first self-titled album on Virgin over a year ago hinted at brilliance and Jaws Of Life sees that promise fulfilled, and then some.”

She concludes, “Hunters and Collectors aren’t kidding. Catch a ride now, or remain forever a pedestrian.”

Meantime, New Music Express’s Steph Paynes says the band is “eclectic in method and idea, yet coherent in style”.

She says the beauty of the album is that “each song works around at least one addictive element, whether it be the country flourish of slide guitar, throbbing Gang Of Four baseline or crisp all-of-the-hunt brasswork.”

She sums up, “Captivating but never cluttered, Jaws Of Life fails to lose its surprise. Giftwrap it. Better yet, keep it.”