1985 White Records Press Release

A 1985 press release from White Records announcing upcoming gigs.

Author: White Records.

Date: ~June 1986.

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Hunters and Collectors are undoubtedly one of the most well received live acts in Australia today. They have surpassed their initial ‘cult-status’ following of the early 1980s and developed into a professionally and critically acclaimed outfit.

After recording and simultaneously releasing their live album and video – “The Way To Go Out” – Hunters went back on the road. They are now including new material in their set which will be recorded later on this year.

As part of 2MMM’s continued support of Australian artists, Hunters and Collectors will perform with special guests Do Re Mi and Paul Kelly at Selina’s in Sydney on Friday August 2nd and Saturday August 3rd, for definitely two shows only. These are the only inner city Sydney shows which will be followed by individual performance in Avalon Beach, Brisbane’s Refectory, Mooloolaba and Byron Bay.

Most people by now have had a taste of Hunters and Collectors live. With such an excellent line-up of established Australian talent, the two Selina’s performances should be both memorable and exciting!

For further information please contact:
White Label Records – Sydney – Liz Dayney (02) 356 3711
White Label Records – Melbourne – Amanda Pelman (03) 690 3399.



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